Arlana's Daytime Routine

Routine description
I look for products specifically for brightening and moisturizing.
Time of day
Routine type


Step 1
Gentle Cleanser
I use a Gentle Skin Cleanser because it doesn't strip my skins natural oils.
Step 2
Vitamin C Serum
I use this Vitamin C serum because it helps brighten and treat my skin concerns. I have hyper-pigmentation and dark spots from acne scaring and exposure form the sun when I was in my teens. So it helps when I use this Vitamin C serum. I use only a couple drops.
Step 3
Avocado Oil
I like using Avocado Oil on my skin because it helps give my skin lots of natural vitamins and moistsure to my dry skin including my dry patches. I only use a couple drops and my skin absorbs it over night so it's nice and dewy and hydrated in the morning.
Step 4
Hemp Oil
I use this for my neck, chest, and arms for my dry skin. It helps a lot with my eczema.
Step 5
Moisturizer with spf 30
I like using a moisturizer with Sunscreen in it because it helps moisturize without making my skin feel greasy. The texture is matte and it doesn't leave a white cast on my skin.